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TEHC is  specialized in day   care procedures for outpatients. This premiere healthcare system encompasses a variety of nationally recognized speciality services and programs. The multilingual Medical Centre team always puts you first.

TEHC is dedicated to provide quality and caring medical care. TEHC provides all services of a one day care medical centre (such as GP Consultations, allergic reactions, sun burns, INR tests, Urine tests, Blood Tests…) as well as the services of a traditional family practice.

Even though we are an outpatients’ facility, an emergency unit is also available around the clock and an ambulance service is ready at all times as TEHC collaborates with Quiron Hospital, the main hospital for quality care in the south region of Tenerife.

We Speak:

We Speak....
We Accept ALL EU & UK Health & Travel Insurances

“In many establishments if the medical centre does not have an immediate confirmation from the travel insurance company, the patient will have to pay for the full medical bill and then go through the long, stressful and time wasting process of getting the money refunded when they go back home.

At TEHC, because we have a very close and long established relationship with almost all EU Travel Insurances, we take on ourselves to do all the paperwork and to get the payment from the insurance. This is only for your peace of mind and to make sure that you can seek medical attention right away and that you have to pay as less as possible. Remember: Always bring with you your Passport and the Travel Insurance Documents. Without we will not be able to deal with the Insurance ourselves”

All Insurances Accepted
Private Consultation:

  “In case you do not hold a travel insurance you will be able to see the doctor for a very affordable price. The costs of consultations varies depending of the issue but everything will be explain to you before you see the Doctor so you will never have a surprise after. Everything is clear and explained to the patient in the best way possible.”

Reduced Residents Rates

“If you are a resident or if you have been living on the island for over 3 months we always suggest getting your NIE done. Once you have your proof of residency you will be able to enjoy our 50% Resident Reduced Rates. Those rates apply to any in house medical treatment that you may need.”


“If you don´t feel good enough to leave your hotel/apartment just book a home consultation.”

HOME & HOTEL Consultations Available
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